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The topic of today’s article is game consoles and games, as you know, we need computers with high quality hardware or new generation cloud-based game sites or game consoles to play high-graphics games.

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Game consoles are divided into 2 classes, digital and blu-ray reader devices in their own universe.

Unfortunately, with the rising exchange rate, blu-ray games are sold at very high prices, and therefore users generally meet their needs either by barter or in the second hand game market.

There are also digital games, digital games are available in the game markets of the manufacturers. These games can be downloaded directly to the library section of the network accounts that the consoles are connected to and can be played on new consoles as long as the account exists, or can be played on different devices.

5ff449037af5071f38b152b0.jpg (750×422)But since these games cannot be sold like blu-ray games, the more affordable they can be, the more useful it will be.

This week you PS StoreWe will talk about the games shared by .

capsule_616x353.jpg (616×353)HORIZON ZERO DAWN COMPLETE EDITION

HORIZON It is a role-playing game about the war with robotic creatures in its own universe. Our character hello By learning down to the smallest details of fighting in this universe, it accompanies us on this path in our war against the evil creatures of the universe, and contains various missions and cinematic scenes. HORIZON 4K One of the great games that I can recommend to you with resolution support, the price is now 42 TL aspect PS Storeis located in.

598d68e6ae7849107c187557.jpg (1200×675)Battlefield 1

11858 technical support

A magnificent war masterpiece, in this game, which includes the war periods of the Ottoman Empire, you can fully experience the atmosphere of war, from old war weapons to tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, we can easily say that you can play the story mode without getting bored, with its cinematic structure. 30 TL We recommend this game.

_assets_Uploads_MetroExodus_SUMMER_WallPaper_1920x1200.0.jpg (1200×800)Metro Exodus

It is strange that some games leave traces in our lives, even though they are games, their cinematic structure, story and characters permeate us. The Last of Us as , Uncharted believe like Metro ExodusThese games are one of them. Inspired by a novel, this game is about a radioactive war in Moscow, our story is about the war against animals and creatures that are trying to survive in this radioactive war, both pro-war and evolving thanks to radiation, and our struggle for survival. We think that if the series of this game is shot, if the movie is made, it will break records. 62 TL is one of the great games we can recommend.

capsule_616x353.jpg (616×353)Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Lara Croft is back!

This game should have been at the top of the list, but since its price was a bit higher than other games, we thought it appropriate to share it at the bottom of the list. This masterpiece of our character, which is blended in accordance with today’s graphics technology with the magnificent touches of the producer, from various predators in the Amazon forests to the dangerous life of yam yam tribes. It is about the fact that it contains many vital elements, it offers us an endless adventure with the cinematic structure of the game and the history of our character and his childhood, 64 TL It is currently in the market with a price, also users who will have a PSN account can download it for free.

11858 technical support

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