PUBG Mobile Microphone Settings

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Today we will give you information about how to make PUBG Mobile Microphone Settings.

PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular FPS games of recent times. It is made by the Chinese game company Tencent. The game reflects the Battle Royale game style quite well. This game, whose basic logic is based on armed conflict, will allow you to have a good time with your friends. You can play as a single player or in teams of 4 players. If you wish, these teams can consist of your friends you know completely. After creating the teams, you can enter the game by choosing one of the maps in the game. The basic logic in the game is to survive in the shrinking playground. All we have to do to survive is to be in a fierce conflict with our enemies. In the game, according to the modes, there are food and drink and survival materials. There are also ammunition chests and necessary war ammunition. When all these are combined, if you are a skilled player in Battle Royale games, it will be very easy to win the game.

The producer company provides the opportunity to play the game from any server. You can also change continents between servers. This change takes 60 days, you cannot switch from one server to another for 60 days if you have made changes.

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About PUBG Mobile Microphone Settings

As you know, there is a voice chat feature in the game and many users use this feature. When using voice chat, it will be quite easy to win the game. But in some cases, this feature does not work on our phones. Especially players who have just installed the game encounter this problem quite often. The solution to this problem is quite simple, you do not need to set this setting on Android devices. We share the settings for Apple devices with pictures.

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Firstly iPhone Let’s go to Settings from the menu.

11858 technical support
PUBG Mobile Microphone Settings

Settingsafter entering ‘PUBG MOBILE’Let’s click.

Right after clicking, let’s activate the Microphone option.

After doing these operations, let’s log in to the game. After logging into the game, your microphone will be turned off. Let’s click on it. Let’s select the phone microphone during the click. Performing this check with a headset, if possible, will give more appropriate results. After the relevant process, the problem will be fixed. Now you can enjoy the game by chatting with your friends in a pleasant way.

11858 technical support

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