Replica LG G4 IMEI Change Code

Friends who cannot afford the LG G4, one of the popular smartphones of recent times, may have bought the Replica Lg G4. One of the biggest problems experienced in replica phones is changing the imei number. Telephone operators are paid a certain fee. change imei We share the process for you in our article.

Replica LG G4 change imei The codes are below. In addition, LG G4 Logo replacement code is also in our article.

LG G4 imei code : *#*#889988#*#*

LG G4 logo code : *#*#8800#*#*

After entering the above lg g4 imei code on the phone’s call screen, enter the GPRS section in the window that opens. Enter the 15-digit imei code you have in the place where the imei number is written. WRITE IMEI Select the option. Then turn your phone off and on again. Now you can start using your Replika lg g4 phone with the new imei number.

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