Replica LG G5 Imei Change Code

You can imei the Korean and Chinese replica model of LG’s flagship LG G5, released in 2016, with MTK processor. You can enter the LG G5 imei code and change the imei number.

Follow the steps below to change the replica LG G5 imei.

  • Open the phone’s call screen.
  • *#*#20080808#*#* and press the call key.
  • On the screen that opens GPRS open the section.
  • located at the top of the page that opens. IMEI Type the 15-digit imei number you have in the section.
  • located at the bottom Write Name Select the option.
  • A window will appear stating that the imei number has been successfully changed. (The IMEI is write successfully.) ARROW and complete the process.
  • Turn your phone off and on again.

Now the new imei number will be used on your phone. To view your new imei number, go to the call screen. *#06# You can write and check.

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