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Revenue Move for Russian Channels From YouTube!

Youtube made a new statement by supporting the embargoes applied to Russia. According to the information on the subject, a revenue move came from YouTube for Russian channels.

Revenue Move for Russian Channels From YouTube!

As you know, the recent Russia and Ukraine tensions affect the whole world. RussiaThe rest of the world is showing their reaction by embargo against the attacks of . USA, EU and Britain Private companies do not spare their support for the embargo imposed by About the subject Twitter RussiaIt was blocked from opening an account. Now in addition YouTube A move came by. The company, among Russia shut down the monetization feature of many channels, including state television.

The company made a statement on the subject. In the said statement; “UkraineIn light of the extraordinary conditions in YouTubeWe’re pausing the monetization feature in . used the phrase. In addition, at the beginning of these channels is one of the largest television channels in the country. Russia Today (RT) is coming. For now, there is no information about which channels this ban will cover. Personal YouTube channels are not expected to be affected by the situation for a while. However, this may happen in the future due to the embargo conditions. Also, advertising will not be the only obstacle. The views of these channels will also decrease.

YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadloonoted that videos from affected channels will appear less in recommendations. He added that RT and some other channels will no longer be available in Ukraine due to “government demand”. In this way, Russian propaganda will also be prevented.

So what do you think about this issue? Also, do you support the decision taken? You can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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