Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen Capture (Scroll Capture)

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a long page take a screenshot provides the opportunity. In the screenshot process on other phones, you can only take a picture of the image seen on the screen. But with the Galaxy Note 5, you can combine a screenshot of a website or an entire article into a single image. english name Scroll Capture We will explain the process of taking this screenshot.

From the video at the end of the article Scroll Capture you can monitor the process. In the video, the transaction was made on the English language phone.

While on the screen where you want to take a screenshot S PenYou pulled the . When you take out the S Pen, a menu will open next to the screen. In the drop-down menu Screen Write Select the option. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Scroll Capture Select (List Capture). The screenshot will be taken and the page will scroll down automatically. To continue taking screenshots Capture More Select the (Capture more) option. And select Done to complete the screenshot process. From the menu that appears at the bottom after the Done option Share (Share) or Save ScreenshotsYou can choose any of the (Save screenshot) options. You can also write on the screenshot you took using the S Pen.

Galaxy Note 5 As with other Galaxy models Volume Down and Home You can also take a screenshot by looking at the (Home) buttons at the same time.

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