Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Hard Reset

Hello. Today we will explain how to do a Hard Reset on the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 phone. In the hard reset process, the phone’s own memory will be completely erased, except for the SIM card and memory card.


  • All data on your phone will be deleted after the following actions.
  • Before starting the process, make sure that your charge rate is at least 50%.
  • Read the procedures first and then apply them.
  • Two methods are described below. If the first method does not work, use the second method.

If You Forgot Pattern Lock On Your Android Device And Don’t Know Your Gmail Account, You Can Perform These Steps.

Press the Volume Up + Menu + Power (power) keys of your phone together and open the recovery screen

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Hard Reset

screen as shown below Android System Recovery menu will appear. To Wipe data/factory reset section Noise Reduction come with the button Power Buttonwhat or Menu ButtonPress

Yes – delete all user By coming to the data option again with the Volume Down Button Power Buttonwhat or Menu ButtonPress

If you do not get any Error error on the screen Reboot System now by navigating to Power Buttonwhat or Menu ButtonLet the system boot with na.

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