Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 Hard Reset

Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 Hard Reset, Factory Reset, including system data and application data, application settings and downloaded applications, Contacts and messages. ALL data is deleted. Do this if absolutely necessary.

Warning Pictures, Videos and Music in device memory will also be deleted.

Warning We recommend that you make a backup.

Warning In the reset process, your device’s charge level is 50%. not less Be careful.

Warning If you have to do this, the following

Now follow the steps below.

one. Volume up + Menu Buttonwhat and Power ButtonPress and wait for 5-10 seconds. As soon as the Samsung Logo appears, lift your finger from the power button and wait.

Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4 Hard Reset

2. Display the screen as shown below. Android System Recovery menu will appear. To Wipe data/factory reset section Noise Reduction come with the button On-Off Key or Menu Button We confirm with

3. Yes — delete all user By coming to the data option again with the Volume Down Button On-Off Key or Menu Button We confirm with

4. Reboot System now by navigating to On-Off Key or Menu Button We confirm with

5. Wait 30 seconds. If a sim card is inserted in the device, it will ask for the pin code. We enter the pin code and confirm it. This is how we completed the reset process 🙂

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