Share Location Between iPhone and Android with Google Maps

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In our article, Google Maps with iPhone and Android We will explain the location sharing process between

For most mobile device users Google Maps with iPhone and Android Location sharing is complicated. and hence iPhone and Android The lack of compatibility between phones is annoying. In this context, if you want to share your location between devices, you might think it’s too complicated, but there is an easy and fast way to do it.

Share Location Between iPhone and Android with Google Maps

Google Maps (Google Maps), iPhone with Android It allows you to overcome the problems arising from the differences between them. All you have to do is text message (SMS) share your location by sending a link via

Request, Google Maps (Google Maps) with iPhone and Android What you need to do to share location between!

How to Share Location Between iPhone and Androidyour?

  • Google Maps (Google Maps) application yet iPhoneIf you haven’t downloaded it to your App StoreDownload and install from.
  • Google Maps (Google Maps) open the application and consent to use location services in the window, Allow While Using App Select to enable location services.
  • In the app, tap the bottom right corner to see your current location. blue arrow iconTap what.
  • To see more options, click on your current location. blue location iconTap what (dot).
  • From the options on the screen Share your location Tap the menu.
  • Set a time frame to determine how long you will share your location. (Until you turn this off) You can also select . Choose a time slot to share your location with someone.
  • Message Tap on the app icon and click on your contacts where you want to share your location. Android Type the user’s name.
  • Message after selecting the app Send (Send) Tap the button. You can edit the message to add information or your own message to the message. But Google MapsMake sure to leave the location link (link) created by .

Android for Google Maps sharing my location in the app, iPhone for Google Maps The steps in the application are the same. Find your location by following similar steps. Android any phone iPhoneby sending it to iPhone you can share with your users.

11858 technical support

In this article, Android and iPhone between Google Maps We told you how you can share your location using the application.

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11858 technical support

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