Sharing Facebook Video on WhatsApp

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In this article WhatsAppin Facebook We will explain the video sharing process in detail.

By copying and pasting the video link or on an Android device, link sharingusing the a Facebook your video WhatsAppYou can share on

Link (link) sharing; It creates a copy of a website URL so you can easily share videos with your friends using other social media platforms.

Facebookto your friends in Facebook Have you come across a video that you want to show even to your friends who don’t use it? Now Facebook your videos, link sharing by, WhatsApp You can easily share it with your friends on messaging platforms such as

Link (link) sharing, video, website, etc. between devices. It is a process used to make it easier to post content. Link (link) sharingcopies and pastes a website URL for you; so you don’t have to do this step-by-step process yourself. Link (link) sharing by Facebook your videos WhatsApp’tFollow the steps below to share.

Sharing Facebook Video on WhatsApp

Facebook to share their videos on WhatsApp; on your mobile device Facebook as well as WhatsApp Note that the app must be installed!

  • iPhone or Android on your phone Facebook Open the app. When you find a video you want to share, click Share Tap the menu.

  • at the bottom of the pop-up window. icon (menu) barSwipe and if you are using an Android phone, Other (More) tap on the labeled icon; If you are using an iPhone phone, iPhone on phones link sharing cannot be used; to copy the URL of the post, respectively Other Options (More Options) and Copy Tap the menus.

11858 technical support
  • In the next step, a Android If you are using a phone, Link Sharing Tap the labeled icon.

  • On the incoming screen WhatsApp Tap the icon.

  • drop-down WhatsApp In the app, scroll down your contact list until you find the person or people you want to share the video with. A iPhone manually, if you are using a phone WhatsApp Open the app and go to your contact list.

  • Tap the person or people you want to share the video with. Then, a Android phone in the lower right corner of the screen. green arrow Tap the button; a iPhone if you are using a phone Next Tap the menu.
  • You can also write a comment for the video you will share. When you are ready to send the video; a Android If you are using a phone, there is a white triangle or paper plane Tap the green circle with the icon; a iPhone If you are using a phone, paste the link (link) you copied and then Send (Send) Tap the menu.

In this article WhatsAppin Facebook We explained the process of sharing the video in detail. You can send us your questions and comments on the subject in the comments section below.

11858 technical support

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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