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Snapchat Is Here With Its New Feature! Long Awaited

Popular and much loved instant messaging app snapchat, introduced to its users with a new feature. Thanks to the new feature, content creators will now have the opportunity to display the number of subscribers on their profiles. This will allow many brands to choose who they will deal with. 9 years The application, which entered our lives first, thus integrated a feature that has been in rival applications for a very long time. There is good news for Snapchat’s New Feature.

Snapchat new feature: shows subscriber counts

Snapchat New Feature

snapchat, presents its eagerly and eagerly awaited feature. Creators will now have the ability to display their subscriber count on their profile. This feature will allow users to openly provide metric information about their followers and audience for the first time.

The Vergea speaking to Snapchat official on the matter; “Contents We’ve listened to feedback from our community of creators and many on Snapchat stated that they would like to have the option to see how large the communities are. That’s why we decided to make the number of subscribers visible. Content creators can turn this feature on or off as they wish from the settings.”

In addition, the company has passed creator profiles that give users on the platform more information about their audience and make it easier for them to coordinate with brands. September was introduced in Thus, the company wanted to get more interaction and become a platform that people see as an opportunity for business.

In this way, it was aimed to create the opportunity to host more users. What do you think about these developments? You can express your ideas about the step taken by Snapchat by commenting below.

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