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Social Media Platform Facebook Investigation!

An unexpected event happened to the popular platform Facebook. An investigation was launched against the platform on the allegation that it provides unfair competition from the European Union and the United Kingdom. Social Media Platform Facebook Investigation!

Social Media Platform Facebook Investigation!

Facebook. faced an investigation. Investigation of the company in question European Union and Unified KingdomIt came from The company is being investigated by European and UK rakat watchers for allegedly using advertising data to gain an unfair advantage over its competitors. The investigation in question Rivalry and Market Authority (CMA) are carried out by It is also being investigated whether the popular company is using its own services, such as Marketplace, to its advantage. Additionally, the European Commission said that the platform collected data from advertisers. EU examines whether it violates the rules.

Facebook has announced that it will cooperate with the investigations in question. He also stated that investigations by both the UK and the EU would turn out to be unfair.

In his statement, “Facebook, Marketplace and dating It offers people more options with its applications. Both products operate in a highly competitive environment with many officials.”

Moreover, CMA and Europe They said the commission would work closely with each other on independent inquiries. CMA CEO Andrea Coscelliemphasized that the advantage that the company can provide can provide advantages, including new and smaller businesses, and make it difficult for competitors to be successful, thus reducing customer choice.

The investigation in question was the first one against Facebook in Europe and the last against US tech giants. Recently, Google was fined 8 billion euros.

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