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Spotify Android Finally Got The Expected Feature!

Popular music streaming platform Spotify came with a new news. Spotify finally got the expected feature in the android operating system.

Spotify Android Finally Got The Expected Feature!

Spotify, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to music listening platform, has released a new update for its Android application. Used by iOS users for 5 years add song to playlist by swiping sideways function finally came to Android phones and tablets. While listening to music in Spotify’s iOS app, users can add the next song they want to play to the queue by swiping right. In this way, they do not have to turn on the music manually. Android users have been waiting for this feature to come to their devices for years.

The feature, originally called “Swipe to Queue”, is available in the Spotify Android app. Now users can add songs in an album or playlists to the playlist by swiping right. However, this new feature is not written on Spotify’s Google Play Store page or website. The feature came about by chance when a Reddit user noticed it. Also, it is estimated that Spotify may be testing this feature with a certain group of Android users.

In addition, last January, Spotify renewed its in-app icons, which it has been using since 2016. The icon of all the menus of the application was renewed. About this change, the company said, “We’ve been using our icons, which we last renewed in 2016, ever since. While they have obviously served us well, we have recently realized that it is time to update them and adapt them to the evolution of our visual language.”

So what do you think about this innovation? Also, are you using the Spotify platform? In addition, you can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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