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Spotify Renewed In-App Icons!

Digital music platform Spotify has renewed its in-app icons. The platform has changed all the in-app icons, including the homepage, library, play button, search button.

Spotify Renewed In-App Icons!

Spotify has made a big innovation in the icon design it has been using since 2016. The company has changed every icon from A to Z, from the library menu to the search button to the ‘Play’ button. In addition, the new version in question Android, iOS and desktop announced that it will be available in the application.

Spotify said in its statement on the subject, “We have been using our icons, which we last renewed in 2016, since then. While they have obviously served us well, by updating them recently to the evolution of our visual language We realized that it was time to make it suitable”.

He also said in the statement that they want to change the thickness of the in-app icons. “We had increased the size and thickness of our typography, which it made thin icons look a bit disproportionate” used the phrase. In addition, he stated that there is a need to increase the readability of the icons. Saying that they have simplified the icon design, Spotify said that the most important change is ‘thickness increase’ said that. Now Icons with a stroke of 2 pixels are 24 pixels, and icons with a stroke of 1.5 pixels are 16 pixels. There are only two different sizes available.

Spotify Renewed In-App Icons!

In addition, the new design in question is only Library, Search, Play and Home page Not limited to basic buttons like. The new design is ubiquitous, from the camera icon in the search bar to the back and forth button on the song page, even the delete (x) icon. Additionally, the company stated that it will gradually send the update to all users.

So what do you think about this innovation? Also, are you using the Spotify platform? In addition, you can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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