SSDs Introduced for Xbox Consoles

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The entry of the new generation consoles into the game world excited the players. Introduced for Xbox Consoles SSDs are very performant.

But it has some sad features in terms of price. In addition, SSDs introduced for Xbox Consoles are different from the products produced to date.

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As you know, in the new generation consoles, SSD‘s are considered very fast now. It is also possible to say that it is quite powerful and performant.

Therefore, if you have a new generation console, you should not miss the maintenance of your console.

SSDs have very high read and write speeds. a standard PS5 to your console 500GB or 1TB SSD‘s are minimum with current exchange rates. 2000-4000 TL around. Prices are kept quite high.

But Xbox Series S/X consoles, this is even more interesting, Microsoft standard SSD created a special SSD design for Xboxes rather than logic.

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However, unfortunately, he divided the players into two on the basis of ideas. These SSDs have a structure similar to the design of classic USB Flash drives.

Only slightly larger in size. For this reason the players xbox You have to take this detail into consideration when buying.

11858 technical support

Why Is Storage Important for Consoles?

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a) SSDs Introduced for Xbox Consoles are available through this entry

As you know, even the games produced before the next generation consoles existed. 100GBIt covered sizes over .

That’s a pretty high field size for a standard console user. For these situations, unfortunately, if you are a gamer, you may need additional storage solutions.

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Seagate The brand named ‘for this situation’Storage Development Board‘ named after 500GB / 1TB introduced its products with storage size.

Although the product size is almost 1 finger size, it is now Xbox Series S It has the same price as the console.

The price of the products is officially 250-300 It will be in the dollar range.

In our country, these prices are together with additional taxes. 3500-5000 TL will be in range. These prices are almost as much as the price of a console. If you are thinking of buying such a product, you will have to pay the price of a console.

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b) SSDs introduced for Xbox Consoles are much different than those produced for Playstation 5.

For Whom Is Storage Space More Important?

Such products are used by people who broadcast live on Twitch or Youtube in our country. The new generation consoles are very successful in storage and broadcasting because they are fast.

Therefore, if you are not a professional, we do not recommend you to turn to such products. It does not have a very accessible label for the price at the moment.

We have come to the end of another technology article. Stay tuned for more content, we wish you good health.

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