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Statement for Turkey from WhatsApp!

WhatsApp, which has recently been on the agenda with its confidentiality agreement, continues to confuse. Recently Competition AuthorityWith the statement made by , it is said that the contract update will not be mandatory for Turkey. But a surprising response came from WhatsApp. According to the special news of Habertürk enforcement officials announced that they have not yet made a final decision. Statement for Turkey from WhatsApp!

Statement for Turkey from WhatsApp!

Announcement for Turkey from WhatsApp!

According to the Competition Authority’s statement, WhatsApp data sharing Your contract with the condition will not be valid in Turkey. Also those who accept the contract but this exempt from conditions It is said to happen. But the new statement from WhatsApp surprised users.

WhatsApp officials made a statement about the confidentiality agreement for Turkey and said, “We have not yet made a final decision that the update will not cover Turkey.” In addition, according to the statement of WhatsApp officials, negotiations with the relevant authorities are continuing.

Before the WhatsApp announcement from the Competition Authority, there was a press release.

Competition Authorityowned by Facebook WhatsApp Press release about the investigation:

of WhatsApp, After updating the terms of use and privacy policy including data sharing and requesting their approval by their users 11.01.2021 on Competition Authority A temporary injunction was taken regarding the update.

Subsequently WhatsApp The update planned by May 15, 2021 postponed to date. After the injunction taken by the Competition Authority and the investigations, the said update, which includes data sharing by WhatsApp; including users who approve, We have been informed that it will not enter into force for any user in Turkey.

It is announced to the public with respect.”

At the moment, there is still no clear information. Future releases are awaited…

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