Steam Summer Sale 2022 has started, opportunities not to be missed

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 has finally kicked off, and the wishlist you won’t buy until you see the big green “-50%” tag next to the price tag is full of huge discounts on the headstones and other games you probably won’t buy at the discounted price.

As in past years, Steam offered a points shop for people who bought and played games this summer on sale from now until July 8th. This time, it keeps Steam users motivated with the points shop.

There are no limited-time discounts to follow throughout the event as it has become the norm for Steam sales in recent years. Now everything that is part of the sale will be offered for the same price until the end of the event, but it looks like Valve will showcase a variety of games at the top of the store to set your interests. Here are the featured discounts for the Steam Summer Sale 2022.

  • MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD: From 139 TL to 91.74 TL
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: From 149.99 TL to 119.99 TL
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: From 102.99 TL to 35.60 TL
  • Football Manager 2021: From 219 TL to 149.50 TL
  • Dead by Daylight: From 31 TL to 18.60 TL
  • Rust: From 127 TL to 63.50 TL
  • Cyberpunk 2077: From 249 TL to 166.83 TL
  • MotoGP 21: From 77 TL to 53.90 TL

You can get attractive deals for many other games like these games released in previous years. There are also several franchise sales, and many of the discount franchises have sequels or expansions coming out this year. If you’ve decided to try these, now is the cheapest time to dive in.

  • Valheim: From 32 TL to 28.80 TL
  • Planet Zoo: From 180.37 TL to 81.16 TL
  • Sea of ​​Thieves: From 61 TL to 40.87 TL
  • Two Point Hospital: From 125 TL to 31.25 TL
  • Crusader Kings III: From 77 TL to 61.60 TL
  • Halo The Master Chief Collection: From 61 TL to 30.50 TL
  • Ride 4: From 77 TL to 46.20 TL
  • Forza Horizon 4: From 92 TL to 46 TL
  • Terraria: From 18 TL to 9 TL
  • Fallout 4: From 133 TL to 53.20 TL

We’ve listed some of the games that are on sale here. You can also see other featured games below:

  • Grand Theft Auto V: From 169 TL to 77.33 TL
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: From 114.99 TL to 45.99 TL
  • No Man’s Sky: From 150 TL to 75 TL
  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: From 210 TL to 105.00 TL
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: From 149 TL to 54.75 TL
  • ARK: Survival Evolved: From 77 TL to 16.50 TL
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition: From 74.99 TL to 14.99 TL
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II: From 210 TL to 71.40 TL
  • Valve Complete Pack: From 279 TL to 25.11 TL

Also, be careful not to accidentally buy something you already own on another device or on another game buying platform, as it’s already so cheap. Unless it’s that cheap. If you’re wondering, you can check out the best Steam games in our news below.

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