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Stickers Now Available on WhatsApp Web!

A web version of the popular digital messaging app is also available. Thanks to the new feature developed, users can use the platform over the web. sticker creation feature activated. Stickers Now Available on WhatsApp Web!

Stickers Now Available on WhatsApp Web!

Since the internet came into our lives, our messaging habits have also changed. While we used to only use SMS, now we almost only use social media platforms. Whatsapp platform is one of these platforms. In addition, we can use the platform not only in the mobile version, but also in the web version. The company continues to make its users happy by developing the web version.

The company has added a new feature to the web version and sticker creation feature activated it. Users can now easily create stickers on the web version. Alright how to create stickers in web version?

First, we click on the smiley button at the bottom left of the chat screen and to sticker logo we print. In this section above Create button will appear. Then we click this button. Then select the image you want to create stickers from your computer. OK We click the button. The image that we want to create a sticker will appear before us. You can also add text and drawings to the sticker with the buttons above and reverse it with the rightmost button. But if you want to get a certain part of your sticker scissors button you must press. In the next step, just choose the place you want to get the sticker as a sticker. WhatsApp’s algorithm will ignore the white areas in the image and mark the relevant part for you. At this stage, all you have to do is click the arrow at the bottom right and view the final version of your sticker.

So what do you think about this new feature? You can also express your thoughts by commenting below.

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