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Subtitle Feature Coming for Instagram IGTV

Recently, interest in Instagram IGTV has started to decline gradually. Instagram Reels were cited as the reason for this decrease. Instagram is making a new move to make the IGTV feature attractive to users again. Caption feature for Instagram IGTV Now, these videos will reach more people.

Every day, many videos are becoming popular on Instagram. These popular videos, when they are in different languages, reach fewer people and do not give exactly what they want. Therefore, some accounts on Instagram share by making special translations. Now Instagram is built in Subtitle option for IGTV adds.

How is the caption feature for Instagram IGTV?

Videos made and shared via Instagram IGTV will be scanned and subtitled in 16 different languages, thanks to the newly introduced artificial intelligence technology. While this newly introduced feature can be added automatically, Instagram will ensure that the videos reach more people and are understood.

This feature will be created with a youtube-like system. If there is no sound in the video, it will be added with the help of users. In other words, subtitles will be added to these videos in the settings and they can be turned on and off. If subtitle translation is requested from the settings section in the video, it can be opened or closed if desired. adjustable.

In the current situation, this feature was used in Youtube, while users wanted this feature in Instagram. In line with many requests and demands, the authorities did not remain indifferent and decided to make this feature available.

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