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Subtitle Support for Instagram is on the way! New Feature to Stories

A new feature is about to come to Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms. developers stories panel Working on the accessibility feature for In addition, the story section for disabled users subtitle sticker being tested. Caption support for Instagram is on the way.

The application that is planned to be introduced is almost the same as last year. To the Threads app developed. Every recorded video had subtitle support. It is also possible to edit the words depending on the person’s request. In addition, the size, color and font are also among the edited ones. The feature in question appeared with Instagram.

Subtitle Support Coming for Instagram

Social media consultant Matt Navarra first noticed this feature, which is the subject of our news. This person who shared the Story noticed the sticker icon after uploading the video. When he clicked it, he saw the feature called Subtitle sticker, which was in the test phase.

In the feature that seems to be working on, whatever you say in the video is converted into text live. Four different font customizations subtitles you can also color selection for text You will also be able to do.

This feature, which is thought to be widely used on the platform in a short time, is not active for everyone for now. He also stated in the statement that the new feature has not been publicly tested. In addition, some lucky people will use the feature in advance. With this step, the platform accessibility for hearing impaired users received a significant plus point. Moreover people speaking different languages It is thought to be very useful for We can expect subtitles to be translated instantly from language to language.

There is no clear release date for the feature in question. But it is thought that the feature will be active soon.

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