Taking Screenshots with iPad and iPad Pro

Like smartphones, tablets also have the ability to take screenshots. In this article iPad, iPad Pro 2018, iPad Pro 2017 and we will tell you how you can take screenshots on older iPad models.

Taking Screenshots with iPad Pro 2018

Since Apple’s iPad Pro 2018, which is on sale this year, does not have a Home button, screen shots are taken differently than other iPad models. To take a screenshot with iPad Pro 2018, click on the top corner of the screen. Power Button and on the right side of the screen. Volume Up Press the button at the same time. The shutter will sound with a white glow on the screen and a screenshot will be taken.

take screenshot of ipad pro 2018

Taking Screenshots on iPad, iPad Pro 2017, and Older iPad Pro

On iPad, iPad Pro 2017 and older iPad Pro models, taking screenshots is done in the same way. To take screenshots on these models Power Button press and immediately after Home Press the key and raise your hand from both keys. When you try to take a screenshot by pressing the Power Button and Home button at the same time, you accidentally SiriYou can take screenshots more easily as we explained above, since you can enable .

take ipad screenshot

You can access the screenshots you took with iPad and iPad Pro in the Photos app. Photos > Albums > Screenshots You can see all the screenshots you have taken by following the path.

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