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Talking Emojis Coming to Facebook Messenger!

Giant social media platform Facebook Messenger introduced a new feature. The new feature is called the soundmoji feature. The purpose of the feature is to be audio versions of emojis. Talking Emojis Coming to Facebook Messenger!

Talking Emojis Coming to Facebook Messenger!

Many of us use the Facebook Messenger application, which has been with us for a long time. Application, voice and video call It is a popular platform with its features. Thanks to these features, users can communicate with each other. However, applications such as Messenger have a common problem; We cannot convey our feelings as they are.. Unfortunately, as in text messaging, we can be insufficient to convey our thoughts for the moment. This problem must have bothered the app now. Facebook allows users to strengthen their communication with each other thanks to the emojis in the application. But the company must have realized that there are situations where emojis are not enough. The newly developed feature “Soundmoji” named it and introduced this feature.

Soundmoji is the voice version of a regular emoji. Before this feature, only a small visual icon was gone when the smiley emoticon was sent. But thanks to soundmoji, when that smiley is transmitted to the other party, the laughing effect will play in the background. In this way, users will be able to express their instant feelings more effectively to the other person. Facebook introduced the Soundmoji feature 17 July World Emoji Day in your honor this week introduced. He also informed that more than 2.4 billion people send messages to each other with emojis on Messenger every day.

In addition, in the new feature in question, only laughter, applause, laughter, etc. There will be no simple sound effects. According to Facebook’s statement, users will be able to send the voices of famous artists and TV series to each other. Bridgerton, Fast & Furious 9, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Short sound effects of popular productions such as In addition, brand new soundmojis will be available in the coming days.

So what do you think about this new feature? Are you using the Facebook Messenger platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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