Tecno Camon mail setup

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How to setup Tecno Camon mail? How can I set up my hotmail account on my Tecno Camon? How can I set up mail?

Although it is not a premium looking terminal, it fits in the hand and has a quality look. It has very good performance and good cameras. It has a 5000 mAh battery and can offer more use depending on the use all day long.

How to setup Tecno Camon mail?

First of all, we can set up all our mail accounts belonging to Hotmail, Gmail or a different account with these steps.

Firstly techno Via our Camon device Google We enter the field of applications. Next gmail We open the application. On the screen that opens, we can skip the introduction pages at the first stage.

Tecno camon 17 mail setup

If we want to set up a Google account, we must choose that way. Now, we mark our processes for hotmail installation as seen in the picture below.

mail setup

Next E-mail We continue our installation by filling in the password and password fields. If you cannot make progress in these areas, you should make sure that your e-mail address and password fields are correct.

11858 technical support

camon gmail

Finally, we write the account name and your own name to complete the Hotmail account setup. Afterwards, we can touch the Enter address field to add a different e-mail for a different mail setup.

tecno camon 17 hotmail setup

As a result of the process we have done, the installation is an installation of the hotmail account. For different platforms, you can also set up Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange by selecting the account in the second picture.

By going to the email accounts settings in your mobile phone menu. In the appropriate fields, we enter the e-mail address and password you use to log in to Webmail.

Now we choose IMAP as the Mail protocol. We can use the following information to set up your mobile phone’s built-in email client to send and receive email. for our domain hosted by;

Then Username/Account Name: [email protected]

Email Address: [email protected] for incoming server (IMAP)

IMAP port: 993 for outgoing server (SMTP)

SMTP port: 465

Use Authentication: Yes Use SSL/TLS/STARTTLS: Yes

When setting up email on mobile phone, all account details must be entered manually. There is no guarantee that your mobile phone’s automatic settings will work.

When setting up mail on Android devices, the first thing to check is the username and password fields.

If the email and password fields are incorrect, we cannot complete our setup. If the installation will be carried out on a different domain, we must have that information.

via Gmail techno We have completed our email setup process for Camon 17.

11858 technical support

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