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Telegram Finally Got Its Expected Feature!

Telegram, the popular messaging application, has been receiving feedback from its users for a long time about its missing feature. But with the update that came yesterday, Telegram group video call got the feature. Telegram Finally Got Its Expected Feature!

Telegram Finally Got Its Expected Feature!

Telegram last April, which is missing group video call He informed that he would add the feature to the application. The feature in question comes with the released update. In addition, Telegram users with the incoming update. animated backgroundthey can also use.

Popular social media application WhatsApp has lost many users with its confidentiality agreement. Users who wanted to continue making calls over the Internet switched to different applications. One of these applications was Telegram. Telegram, the application in question, has been downloaded by more than 500 million users in a short time. application log 55 million active users in possession. It also offers more features to its users than other messaging apps.

Telegram, which has been criticized for its missing feature by most of the user base, is now breathing a sigh of relief. With the update it released, it gets the missing feature. The company offers its users a new feature with the update it released yesterday. With the incoming update, users can make a video call during a video call. screen sharing they can. In addition, with the developed advanced noise canceling feature, the voices of the users will be transmitted in the best way.

In addition, with the update in question, Telegram activates the feature of replacing chat backgrounds with animated images. The company states that such a feature is used for the first time in chat applications. In addition to the features that come animation editor Thanks to its feature, users have the opportunity to create their own animations.

So what do you think about this new feature? You can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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