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Telegram v8.5 Update Has Arrived! Here are the New Features

Telegram, the arch-rival of WhatsApp, is here with a new news. The digital messaging platform Telegram v8.5 update has arrived. Here are the new features!

Telegram v8.5 Update Has Arrived! Here are the New Features

Previously, when the digital messaging platform was mentioned, WhatsApp came to mind first. Now this situation has changed and Telegram has taken its place in our lives. The platform continues to improve itself day by day. It also pleases its users with its updates.

Especially WhatsApp‘s crash state drives its users away. When this happens, users will soon TelegramThey’re heading towards. This is the biggest reason for the increase in the number of users of the application. Telegram, 2021 in the year, 1 billion It is among the most downloaded applications by passing the download. Now, the messaging platform will offer a better space to its users with its new update. So what are these features?

The first-come feature is for users to make their chats more lively and fun. Video Tags feature. Thanks to the Video Tags feature, users will be able to turn normal videos into stickers. Also this feature was previously available but to use Adobe Illustrator Support from programs such as Now, with the new update, there is no need to get support from other programs. It is enough to add videos to Telegram to make them into stickers. Also, users stickers They will be able to publish sticker packs from the section, in addition to downloading other users’ packs.

The second new feature is Telegramfor users of five reaction emojis addition. When these responses are pressed and held before they are sent, they will move to cover the entire screen. Also like new response feature Instagram Direct Message is also in the section.

The last new feature is Enhanced Navigation feature. The new feature comes this time not to make the messages fun, but to provide practical use. Back They will embed the button. Thanks to this move, they will establish a faster communication with the people they talk to frequently.

So what do you think about these new features? Also, are you using the Telegram platform? In addition, you can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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