Tennis Manager 2021 review

Tennis Manager 2021 is released as Early Access on Steam. Developer Rebound CG offers players the opportunity to manage a tennis academy, build a team, manage finances and much more. Players can enter academies built into the tennis management simulation or build their own from scratch. The game looks pretty deep. Check out the trailer and Early Access review below.

Tennis Manager 2021 review

I immediately thought of the FM series. It has a similar clean interface with it. The mechanics work almost the same. It is also similar in depth. You can participate in tennis tours with more than 2 thousand tournaments in the game. There are more than 5 thousand young and professional players in the game. Player names are slightly different. However, you can distinguish between the real world tennis player and the tennis player in the game. There is currently no Turkish language support in the game.

Tennis Manager 2021 gameplay

When you start the game, you become the manager of a tennis club. Here you will have a choice. You can enter the academy you want or you can create your own academy from scratch. You can choose the facility levels when setting up your own club. When you choose them low, there may be some deficiencies in the game. For example, you cannot sign more tennis players. You have to pay money to upgrade these facilities in the game. You start the game with 2 million euros. You need to win a lot of tournaments to earn enough money to upgrade them all.

You can build tennis courts, medical facilities, business centers or your own tennis school to make your academy shine and gain worldwide fame. You can transfer players to the academy, recruit staff, arrange coaches with training programs, negotiate with investors, in short, make many changes. When transferring players, you can see the characteristics of each player by numbers, similar to the FM series. You can also observe the players with the help of the scout team. Dozens of parameters govern how each player behaves on and off the field. Every player is unique because of the characteristics of the players regarding their playing style, favorite court surface, mental and physical condition.

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You can determine the tournaments you will participate in for all tennis players in the academy. If you want, you can get support from the technical team. Participating tennis players have a lower rank so that some tournaments have a higher prize and some tournaments have a higher probability of winning even if the prize is lower. The game also includes the worldwide tennis rankings and is constantly updated.

Tennis Manager 2021 match engine

The match engine is better than I expected. It’s actually the cool part of the game. You can coach players in real time. There is a match engine that allows real-time matches that you can influence with game plans, supported by statistics in 3D matches. During the match, you can follow the match from three camera options such as TV, Ball and 3/4. You can watch the matches at normal speed or accelerated. During the match, you can change tactics, change the player’s throwing or receiving style, and talk to your player.

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You can give pep talks with your players and interviews with journalists. You can motivate tennis players for more successful results, you can also talk to journalists about the results. It is bad for now that morale speeches cannot be skipped. You need to select a conversation to proceed to the next screen.

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