The 14 finest journey video games for Android

Graphic adventures had their second of glory within the late 80s and all through the 90s. In case you are hardened in years, it’s greater than doubtless that you just performed a few of the emblematic titles of this time such because the sagas The Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Larry, King Quest …

This style of video video games has been revitalized in recent times with cell units, units that enable us to simply get pleasure from because of the contact display screen. When you have been eager to return to this style for some time, then we are going to present you the very best graphic adventures for Android.

Journey video games have developed to change into a style the place we do not have to work together with different characters based mostly on dialogues, however we should frequently work together with the environment as a way to transfer ahead.

Simon the Sorcerer

simon the sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer, one other of the titles that had its second of glory within the 90s, is obtainable for Android units with the similar interface that confirmed us the unique titleSo in case you actually need to play these sorts of basic titles, it is best to begin with this one.

This title has remastered the music, in addition to the icons and animations, it consists of the basic system of loading and saving video games. The texts of the sport are translated into Spanish, not the voices which can be solely in English and German. Simon the Sorcerer is obtainable for 4,59 euros within the Play Retailer.

Leisure Go well with Larry: Reloaded

Larry Leisure

Larry Laffer is the protagonist of our story, a loser with greater than 40 years whose solely mission is lose your virginity and discover real love. This remastered model maintains the identical dialogue as the unique model that was launched in 1987, with a racy humor all the time associated to intercourse.

All graphics are in HD and accompanied by a catchy soundtrack created by Grammy nominee Austin Wintory. The remastering of this title was made attainable by a undertaking by way of Kickstarter, the place greater than 14.000 followers determined it was time to get pleasure from Larry Laffer once more.

This recreation, like all earlier titles that hit the market within the 90s, They’re for individuals over 18 years outdated, for its sexual content material. It’s out there at no cost obtain and consists of in-app purchases to unlock entry to the complete title.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

Behind Thimbleweed Park we meet Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of the Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion saga, in a narrative set in 1987 the place now we have at our disposal 5 characters who’ve to unravel totally different puzzles and plots to seek out the explanation that has introduced them collectively in Timblewwed Park, a city with 80 lunatics and one every time below the bridge.

With a point-and-click interface, we discover one of many pure heirs of Monkey Island, with hilarious and absurd dialogues. Thimbleweed Park is obtainable within the Play Retailer for 9,99 euros. Additionally it is out there by way of Google Play Move.



One of many first graphic adventures that got here to cell units was Machinarium, a recreation with greater than a decade available on the market and that regardless of its age, continues to be simply as gratifying. Machinarium is a recreation with steam punk aesthetics the place we put ourselves within the footwear of Josef, a robotic that now we have to assist discover his girlfriend.

Machinarium is priced at 4,99 euros on the Play Storand. A free demo can also be out there so we will check out it earlier than buying the total title.



From the identical creators as Machinarium, we discover the Samorost saga, a saga made up of three titles. Not like Machinarium, in Samorost we put ourselves within the footwear of a gnome who makes use of a magic flute to journey by way of area on the lookout for the origins of your instrument.

Samorost, the unique title is obtainable for obtain at no cost. Samorost 2 is priced at 2,99 euros whereas the newest title, Samorost 3, is priced at 4,99 euros. Of this final title, we even have a totally free demo model out there.

Each Samorost 2 and Samorost 3 can be found by way of Google Pay Move.



As soon as once more, now we have to speak about the identical developer of Machinarium and Samorost (Amanite Design). On this humorous title, we put ourselves within the footwear of 5 creatures On a mission to avoid wasting the final seed of your tree whereas it’s being affected by evil parasites.

Botanicula is obtainable within the Play Retailer for 4,99 euros. Sadly, there isn’t any demo model to check this title. Nevertheless, if now we have tried the opposite titles additionally out there from this developer, we will make certain that we’re behind one other nice graphical journey. Additionally it is out there by way of Google Pay Move.



Limbo places us within the footwear of a kid who get up within the forest of hell. The one mission he has is to seek out his misplaced sister. Throughout his means, he has to dodge all of the supernatural parts which can be within the forest.

This title presents a cautious visible aesthetic with monochrome tones and most of this title is about in black and white. Limbo is priced at € 4,99 on the Play Retailer and can also be out there by way of Google Pay Move.



Badland is a platform recreation that reveals us the story of one of many beings that inhabit a forest filled with timber, flowers and beings of all types that appears to be taken from a fairy story. Our protagonist has to find what is occurring avoiding the traps and obstacles which can be put in his means.

Badland is obtainable at no cost obtain and consists of in-app purchases and advertisements.



The Frostrune tells us the story of a ship wrecked in a summer time storm. The protagonist of our story wakes up on an island, the place he finds an deserted settlement whose inhabitants have panicked. Round it’s a darkish and dense forest filled with historical ruins and burial mounds filled with secrets and techniques that may assist us remedy the mysteries of the island.

This title is obtainable on your obtain fully free and doesn’t embody any kind of purchases or ads.



Tormentum begins when the protagonist wakes up locked in a steel cage, chained to a enormous flying machine with unknown route. The one reminiscence of our character is a blurred picture of a mountain on the high of which is a sculpture that represents a forest of people with raised arms.

All through this title, we discover 75 hand-painted illustrations divided into 3 areas with totally different creatures and structure. On our means, now we have to unravel 24 puzzles. Along with the gameplay and the unique story, this recreation stands out particularly for the wonderful soundtrack composed of 40 tracks.

Tormentum is obtainable within the Play Retailer for five,49 eurosThough we will obtain the free demo to see if what it provides us is value its value. Additionally it is out there by way of Google Play Move.

Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a machine

Whispers of a Machine places us in Vera’s footwear, a particular agent with cybernetic enhancements tasked with investigating a sequence of brutal murders hiding a sinister reality. Vera will uncover how these crimes are associated to a gaggle of fanatics who’re working to create a super-intelligent Synthetic Intelligence, even though this follow is prohibited.

Whispers of a Machine is obtainable within the Play Retailer for five,49 euros. Out there by way of Google Play Move.

Darkestville fortress


Darkestville Citadel is one other journey with an interface much like Simon the Sorceres point-and-click kind. This title places us within the footwear of Cid, the demon of Darkestville, a carefree being of darkness who will see how his evil routine is ruined by the Romero Brothers, a gaggle of hunters who’ve been employed by his arch-enemy Dan Teapot.

The creators of this title affirm that this story is a tribute to the graphic adventures of the 90s, the place the dialogues and comedian conditions had been the commonest. Darkestville fortress It’s out there within the Play Retailer for two,99 euros and it provides us greater than 7 hours of enjoyable.

Notorious machine

This title places us within the footwear of Kelvin, a analysis assistant to Dr. Edwin on a point-and-clock journey. Dr. Edwin is a tasteless physicist who goes berserk when his newest creation, a time machine, is ridiculed by the scientific group. To make your mark in historical past, use the time machine in order that the best geniuses in historical past can full their discoveries and acceptable them.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci are a few of the geniuses who seem on this weird story about time journey. Notorious Machine is out there within the Play Retailer for two,99 euros. Out there by way of Google Play Move.



Distraint and Distraint 2 are two video games of 2D psychological horror, the place we put ourselves within the footwear of Worth, who offered his humanity to work in a number one firm. Each components are associated, so it’s preferable to begin with the primary one.

Each titles are filled with black humor, 2D facet graphics, haunting ambient sound similar to its soundtrack. Distrant is obtainable for 4,59 euros and in addition by way of Google Play Move. We even have a free model to check it. Distraint 2, is obtainable for 7,49 euros, however not by way of Google Play Move.


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