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The New Feature of Instagram is in Turkey for the First Time!

Instagram, one of the indispensable platforms of many people, comes with a new feature. It started testing the said new feature, adding music to streaming posts, in Turkey. The New Feature of Instagram is in Turkey for the First Time!

The New Feature of Instagram is in Turkey for the First Time!

Popular social media platform Instagram is getting ready to come with a new feature. The platform has announced that it has begun testing the ability to add music to posts shared in the stream. As you know, music could be added to Reels videos and stories until now. Now, with the new feature, users will be able to add music to the photos they will share on their profiles. In addition, Meta offers users thousands of licensed song archives. ‘Instagram Music’ launched its feature in Turkey last year.

A feature was announced yesterday and Turkey, Brazil and Indiais being tested gradually. With the new feature, the new music function is placed on the post sharing screen. If later trend and For you will display the sections. Users will be able to add the song they want to their photos from this section. Also, users “Trend” or “For you” They will be able to review many music clips in their section. In this way, they will be able to find the song they want easily and quickly. Additionally, the title of the selected music will be publicly visible in the shared post.

Also, clicking on the title will open an audio page with all the posts using the selected song, as in Reels. Additionally, the platform allows users to set the clip duration after selecting a song. In this way, users can add the part of the song they want to their posts.

So what do you think about this new feature? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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