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The Period of Encrypting Backup Messages on WhatsApp Has Started!

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is here with a new feature. The platform introduced the end-to-end encrypted backup feature. The Period of Encrypting Backup Messages on WhatsApp Has Started!

The Period of Encrypting Backup Messages on WhatsApp Has Started!

Since the internet has entered our lives, social media applications have taken the place of SMS. Now almost every smartphone has the WhatsApp application. That’s why the platform continues to improve itself in order not to lose its popularity. App, messages and audio-video calls end-to-end encryption secures with technology. With this technology, users can use the application safely. Additionally, the company says they can’t see the conversations themselves. However, end-to-end encryption has until now been limited to messages: it cannot be used for backups. Now that has changed.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a statement. The statement said, “For WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted backups started to be made available today”. However, the new feature will not be activated by default in the application. Users who want to use the feature need to open it. Alright “How to make encrypted backup on WhatsApp?”

First, for users to back up their chats with end-to-end encryption “must not forget” They are asked to choose a password. Because during the WhatsApp backup restore, the password is set. will need to enter saying. In addition, users will not be able to retrieve messages if they forget their passwords. Therefore, users should be careful about passwords.

The first step users should take is to update WhatsApp to the latest version via Play Store or App Store. Then by following the steps below end-to-end encrypted backup feature they can activate.

  • Open WhatsApp settings.
  • Chats > Chat Backup > End-to-End Encrypted Backup enter section.
  • When you receive a warning Continue’Click a.
  • Proceed with either a password or a 64-digit encryption key. You can press whichever you want to create.
  • Finally Finished Press the button. Depending on your internet speed, the backup will take a few minutes to complete.

Chats after the feature in question is turned on Safely on Google Drive or iCloud will be hidden. Also, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement, neither WhatsApp nor the service provider you use to back up messages won’t be able to read. In addition, this applies to messages and calls protected by end-to-end encryption.

So what do you think about this new feature? You can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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