The World’s Most Ridiculous Business Ideas That Have Succeeded

Snow Freight, Yo- Natural snow transportation all over America

In February 2015, a couple in Boston were surprised to see 4 meters of snow and asked themselves; I wonder if someone wants to buy real profit?
A few days later they started their own snow hauling company, named the Historic Boston Snow Transporter.
Snow Shipping is a really weird and untried business, so they made a lot of sales in the first few days. First, BostInno bought Boston Global double profit the next day. Its sales were multiplying as fast as a snowball effect within two weeks. They also sold profits to Today Snow, TIME, NBC Nightly News and CNN and became news thanks to their odd jobs.

After all these press promotion works, its sales climbed from 10 to 50, from 50 to 100, to 200 and above. The couple, who did not think that they would be so successful when they started the business, was caught off guard. They had 8 meters of snow and 24 water bottles in their hands. After a few weeks, the couple, who did everything with their hands, asked for help from their relatives to keep up with the increasing orders. They were divided into 3 groups with a team including their siblings. While a group is preparing the orders; one group was dealing with shipping and the other group was dealing with the website, public and press relations, interviews.

By the way, don’t think that our couple quit their jobs and are only interested in this business because they were both still working together. They started working for snow orders from 5 am to 8 am, and after working at work from 8 to 7 pm, they were trying to get the snow orders to be perfect until 1 am. Undoubtedly, they had tiring and exciting days.
As a result, they have rapidly evolved their products and delivered a “Guaranteed Profit in a Box” shipping even with shipping times of up to 12 days.
Last year, they delivered snow to more than 80 homes in Florida, Arizona, Texas, California and even New York under the theme of “White Christmas” for Christmas only. When they look back, the couple said that they were quite happy with the strange business ventures they started, and they learned a lot from this adventure. They gained a lot of experience, especially in the shipping industry, partnered with FedEx and Express, custom-made snow boxes and provided the necessary ice to withstand the snow. We are sure that they will never forget these initiatives, which were more successful than they ever expected.

One Hundred Percent Hand Picked, Professionally Presented England Leaves

The initiative, which was very successful by selling over 1600 preserved leaves in the autumn of 2015 in its first season, shipped leaves from 36 different countries to 15 countries around the world. Below we share a short video describing the process of selecting and collecting leaves. The initiative continued on September 1 this year and the team is already looking forward to September 2017. If you want to buy leaves, you can follow the Twitter and Facebook accounts below.
Who said money doesn’t grow on trees?

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Meet Scoot Ginsberg

Scoot Ginsberg has made countless interviews, Ted speeches, more than 30 books and 7 albums by never removing the badge he wore at a conference he attended. After the conference he attended, he wore his name badge no matter what he wore 24/7 just because he was curious about how people would react. So he spent 5,000 days and changed 6 jobs. He discovered that those who initially looked at him with strange eyes became more gentle, kind and sincere day by day. When he realized that wearing a name badge made people feel friendly, he used it as the key to success in his business and private life.
Let’s say that Scott still doesn’t remove his badge to this day, but rather attaches it to all his jackets. Scoott, who attracted the attention of the media over time, used this to advertise himself and make himself a brand. Today he has more than 30 books, 7 albums and countless talks. He also continues to publish articles about personal branding on his blog.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Holiday in Balloon Houses

Inflatable balloons, which are rented for $287 per night in England and $157 in Sweden, are perfect for those who are bored with traditional holidays. Although it may seem like camping in nature, we think that it will be a very different pleasure to stay in transparent balloons, where you can see everywhere, instead of tents. If you are tired of using Airbnb, we say try this alternative. We are sure that it is definitely a different line of business and it will spread in a short time.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Selling That Bottle

At one point, a group of crazy people came together and decided to sell water bottles, with the great support of businessmen, who said that if water is actually free – we even pay a lot for the water we use at home today – then we can solve the world’s water crisis if we sell water bottles instead of water. .
This initiative, which started in England in the 15th century, continued in the 17th and 18th centuries under the name of bottled spa and treatment water. I guess we don’t need to tell you how much this venture costs?


When Alex Tew was a penniless third year college student in 2005, he wrote the following question in his notebook: How do I become a millionaire?
After 20 minutes, he knew the answer. He would design a website with 1 million pixels of ad space and sell his pixel for $1. He didn’t know if it would work, he thought it might be a crazy idea, but he had nothing to lose so he decided to give it a try.

So he built the site, spent $100 and bought a simple domain name and ownership. The idea was simple, it would sell companies at least 10×10 or larger ad space for $1, and companies would have products, logos, and links. In the beginning, Alex tried to persuade some family and friends to buy the first 1000 pixels, he placed advertisements in the local press, giving priority to his own region.
His trick worked, he earned $40,000 in the first two weeks as the media spread the news, which was enough for his college money, and even more. Five months later, his site was used by companies from 35 countries and had earned $1 million.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Slinky Toy

The Slinky toy, one of the most popular toys in history, was found by marine engineer Richard James. At that time warships were being tested with horsepower. In 1943, Richard was working at the Cramp Shipyard in Philadelphia. One day, the test meter rolled over and fell on Richard’s desk as a result of a curl during use. This was the moment that inspired Richard to make toys. In the evening, he shared this thought with his wife, and she began searching the dictionary for a name for the toy. So they decided on Slinky, which means “provocative”, which contains the words sneaky, curvy and thin.
Richard and Betty started selling the toy with a budget of $500. The day after Christmas, sales of the toy exploded and sales peaked in the 90s, known as the golden age of plastic. It is known that he earned 250 million dollars from the toy in total.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Selfie Stick

We all know that the younger generation is selfie crazy, this new trend seemed to continue for a long time.
Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm analyzed this trend well and tried to reap the benefits, thus inventing the selfie stick. We are aware that they looked strange when they first appeared, but the stick spread so quickly in such a short time that it was sold at street vendors for 3 liras.
His invention made Wayne a millionaire, but the selfie stick was actually invented by Hiroshi Ueda in the 1980s. Hiroshi, who worked for the camera company, was an avid photographer, he took his camera every time he went abroad, but he couldn’t shoot himself. When he did not want to let others use his machine, he invented the selfie stick that he could take himself. Of course, at that time, the public did not adopt this invention.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Gold Dentures

Gold, silver or rose gold mixed dentures are an initiative that has been the subject of Forbes and many famous magazines, with monthly sales of 10,000 to 20,000 dollars.

Brian Joseph Roberts has adapted the gold tooth fashion, which rap music lovers and listeners are not familiar with, to all consumer segments. Since he is also a fan of rap, he wanted to dress like rappers by examining their clothing style and accessories. Seeing how expensive the accessories are, especially the gold teeth; He thought that he could make these denture molds cheaper himself and market the product to a lot of people. It is debatable whether the tooth molds are cool, but Brian has created a usable, inexpensive alternative, and if we look at the monthly sales, it is clear that the product was born out of a need, so it is very popular.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

Virtual Dating Assistant

Many people are willing to pay money or download apps to introduce themselves to someone who is beautiful, successful, and just like them.
We are talking about a team of 40 people who started a business based on this idea. They have served dozens of people who are tired of flirting with people who are not like each other, who cannot balance their work and relationship life, who do not know what to say at the beginning of the relationship and how to behave during the relationship.
The team does everything you can think of about the relationship, relationship tactics, messaging, sending gifts, noting and reminding special days… We can say that the agency, which has been working for 7 years with a team of 40 people and hundreds of customers, works really professionally.

The most ridiculous business ideas in the world that have been successful

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