There is a thermostatic valve, how many degrees should the boiler be?

In central systems in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Law and related regulations, Thermostatic Radiator Valve has 15°C lower temperature setting feature should be.

How many degrees should the boiler be when the thermostatic valve is installed?

thermostatic valve to save money with combi boiler degree 45 and above must be our recommendation 55 degree. In sunny rooms thermostatic valve At the 3rd stage, the 4th stage is recommended in other cold rooms. Also the room thermostat You can save money with

ECA thermostatic valve 3 how many degrees?

3. The lowest operating temperature of -30 °C is for liquids and gases that do not freeze at this temperature.

How many percent savings does the thermostatic valve provide?

thermostatic valve up to 0 fuel savings thanks to it, the probability of wear of the device will decrease; Its efficiency will be high and its lifespan will be long.

Does the thermostatic valve close completely?

Accordingly, radiators should not be closed and precautions should be taken accordingly. Compliant with TS EN 215 thermostatic It is not possible to completely close the radiators when the radiator valve is used. (Note: It can be closed by simply opening the inner part, breaking the pin mechanism etc. parts.)

How much does 4 combs burn at 40 degrees?

at 40 degrees how much is gas burns: at 40 degrees A working boiler consumes approximately 0.42 cubic meters of natural gas per hour. In other words, it will consume roughly 96-97 kuruş plus VAT per hour.

Can room thermostat and thermostatic valve be used together?

thermostatic valve Even if it is set to 23 degrees, the temperature of your room will never reach 23 degrees. In short room thermostat and thermostatic same valve in the room using it will be useless and will not benefit you.

What time should the honeycomb thermostat be?

Room thermostat Before operating, set the boiler to the maximum. For example, you can set the temperature to 70 – 75 degrees to ensure the most efficient heating in your device, which can be adjusted to 70 – 80 degrees. Then set the temperature of the room thermostat to 22 – 23 degrees.

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