Things to Consider in Sudden Weather Changes

Summer is over and the weather is starting to get cold. In our age, climate changes occur very sharply and suddenly. Rain in the summer season, very hot weather conditions can occur in the winter season. Being caught unprepared for such situations may cause you to come face to face with diseases that will affect your life badly and prevent you from doing your necessary work, as well as the usual seasonal diseases. By being careful with seasonal changes, you can protect your energy and health, and make your life better.

The uneven and irregular changes in temperatures, the arrival of a very cold day after a very hot day, can adversely affect the adaptation mechanism of the human body and make you vulnerable to diseases. The continuation of this temperature change can lower your body resistance. However, to be protected from seasonal temperature changes, it is sufficient to be conscious.

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

First of all, you should pay attention to your diet. You should determine a balanced diet and give importance to food diversity. Avoid fatty sauces and tomato paste, fries, delicatessen products, cakes and creams, sweets, sweets, jams and cola drinks. These foods, which are difficult to digest, tire both you and your stomach, causing your cholesterol to rise and indigestion problems. Consume fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt, feta cheese, bran bread, ham, fish, meat, liver, brain and seafood. These foods relieve fatigue and rejuvenate you.

Things to consider in sudden weather changes

Consume Caffeinated Drinks Less

Your body constantly needs water. Water is a liquid of utmost importance for human health, as it contains substances necessary for the regeneration of cells and energy source, as well as cleansing the body. It is not possible to meet your daily fluid needs with acidic beverages, instant teas or coffees. Substances such as sugar and acid, which are abundant in them, do not help meet the need for fluids, and they can also affect your stomach badly. With herbal teas that you can boil by yourself, you can get many useful minerals and vitamins and meet your fluid needs.

Things to consider in sudden weather changes

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol, if used continuously, are quite harmful to health. Smoking affects the immune system and reduces body resistance, making it easier to catch diseases. When this is combined with excessive alcohol consumption, it becomes extremely harmful for both brain functions and body health.

Things to consider in sudden weather changes

Organize your sleep

Getting your sleep in order is very beneficial for your health. A regular sleep will provide the rest your body needs and will help you live a healthy life. Having high energy will also help your body protect itself against diseases.

Things to consider in sudden weather changes


Whatever sports you can do three days a week, you should do it regularly. For example; brisk walking, swimming, exercise are good for fatigue. Especially by riding a bicycle in a nice weather, you can have fun, travel and do sports at the same time. When you feel tired, you should go out and move instead of lying down at home. Simply don’t take the car for walking distance, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Move a lot and sunbathe. Walk for at least five minutes each morning or do 10 to 15 minutes of gymnastics. You should ventilate your home and office plenty and clean it well. A dirty environment also increases the risk of contracting diseases.

Things to consider in sudden weather changes

Look Hot For Food Supplements

You may also be at a high risk of infection during these periods. It will be helpful to get pneumonia and flu vaccines. In addition, supplements such as bee pollen, B-carotene, vitamin complexes will also be useful.

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