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TikTok Bakery Video Surprised Those Who Seen It!

Some of the posts observed in the social media, which everyone around the world use a lot and share every moment of, are not scary. TikTok While thousands of videos are published on the platform every day, there are videos of people working in the food industry. Some of these videos are literally mind blowing. There has been a development in this regard recently, and the authorities once again took action. TikTok bakery video stunned the audience.

” which has emerged in the past months and has been talked about a lot”milk bath” and “dance with donerAfter the ” crisis, the video of the bakery workers surprised those who saw it. In addition, when we look at the images, the employee cuts through one of the bread dough lined up on the tray to be baked in the oven and puts ice cream.

TikTok bakery video! Couldn’t escape punishment

It is seen that the person who opens the middle of the bread that comes out of the oven is licking the ice cream stick he took out. your images In a bakery in Tarsus, Mersin. There is detection of withdrawal. In addition, they carried out an operation by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry with the support of the police and municipal police teams.

While the employee and the owner of the bakery, who posted the images to TikTok, were fined 18 thousand 383 liras for violating the hygiene rules, they stopped the activities of the bakery for 30 days. Although the employee who posted the footage said that he prepared the bread for himself, which he shared on social media, he could not escape this punishment.

TikTok has become one of the most used platforms today. It continues to make a name for itself with such events at certain intervals. The movements made for the sake of a few interactions literally astound those who see it. So what do you think about this oven? Do you think the punishment given is enough? You can specify by commenting below.

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