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TikTok Develops A Rival App To Clubhouse!

Popular social media companies have rolled up their sleeves to rival Clubhouse, which has recently exploded and rapidly increased the number of users. Finally, TikTok has started working on a Clubhouse-like application for use in China. Developing a competitor app to TikTok Clubhouse.

When we look at social media applications in recent years, there is a fullness. While the idea generation part is lagging, consumption is increasing rapidly. There are also some recent ideas. However, these ideas are integrated by other popular applications. For example, the recently popular clubhouse application can be displayed.

Clubhouse; It attracted the attention of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Another social media giant trying to integrate the concept used by Clubhouse after these two platforms. TikTok it happened.

TikTok is developing an app to rival Clubhouse

As you know, China banned Clubhouse. After that, an alternative to the application in question is sought. The Chinese social media platform TikTok has a solution. According to the news, TikTok has started to develop a new chat room-style application. According to the first information, it is thought that the application will be specific to China.

Currently, the application directly TikTokIt remains unknown whether it will work integrated with . However, it is planned to start closed beta tests of the application in the coming days.

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