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TikTok-like Feature Coming to Instagram!

Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms, has been working on the story-related feature for a while. In this direction, the company, one of its serious competitors, TikTokIt will implement the vertical flow feature that . Instagram already has the feature in question. reels uses for. TikTok-like feature to Instagram it’s coming!

TikTok-like Feature Coming to Instagram!

TechCrunch’s to the news by Instagram, It will imitate its closest competitor, TikTok, with its vertical streaming system for stories. Increasing the user experience with the new feature to be introduced is among the targets. In addition, the goal of surpassing TikTok, which it is competing with, will be at the forefront with this feature.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared by twitter user to screenshots According to him, there is a lot of work on the system. This too your Instagram It shows that it aims to offer the feature to its users as soon as possible. It is aimed to increase the user experience as soon as possible.

Earlier decoder named podcast participating in the program Instagram head Adam Mosser, He mentioned that 2020 is a year when they plan to achieve a lot of goals for themselves, while 2021 will be the year they will strive to fulfill these plans and simplify experiences. In addition to the change that the Stories feature will undergo, no new development is expected on IGTV for now.

So what do you think about this step taken by Instagram? Do you think it is right to get features from TikTok? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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