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TikTok Released Its New Privacy Policy, Reactions!

Especially with the pandemic period, new news has come from the TikTok application, which has increased its popularity. The Chinese app has published a new confidentiality agreement. TikTok Released Its New Privacy Policy, Reactions!

TikTok Released Its New Privacy Policy, Reactions!

TikTok, which has managed to increase the number of users day by day, has managed to become one of the favorite social media applications of most people. The company has more than 1 billion active users. In this way, it is one of the most successful and popular applications of recent times.

The company has contributed to the development of features such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts for other applications. But the number of responses is increasing day by day. The application in question has been criticized for security reasons and for giving users’ information to the Chinese government. It is expected that these criticisms will increase in line with the information received.

Due to the security reasons involved, TikTok is mostly Donald Trump He had a problem with his government. Even for a period USA was on the verge of selling its operations. But TrumpDue to the loss of the presidential election, the event was suspended. The company, which was relieved by this suspended event, took a new decision that would attract reactions by not standing still.

The company in question has updated its privacy policies and started collecting biometric data of users. Biometric data will be stored by the application and used by algorithms developed to recognize users.

Among the stored data in question are the face and voice prints of the users. It will appear in front of users in the form of “information we collect automatically” within the new contract. In addition, the details are presented to the user under the sub-title of “Image and Sound Information”. The company started to implement its new policy as of Wednesday. But we guess that the company will start to have problems in the future.

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