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TikTok Removed Many Videos! Here are the details

Increasing its popularity, the social media platform TikTok removed many videos, saying it violated its policies. TikTok Removed Many Videos! Here are the details

TikTok Removed Many Videos! Here are the details

approx monthly Over 700 million active usersTikTok, the platform that owns it, remains on the agenda. The application, which is one of the growing platforms recently, end of 2021active monthly 1 billion usersor expected to have.

Like other social media platforms TikTokon content published in inspections active. Also, according to the news TikToktook down hundreds of videos in the country of Australia.

In the past months, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Redbubble, Adobe and Companies like TikTok, wrong they had made a new decision to combat the sharing of information and disinformation. However, according to the decision in question, when false information spread on these platforms was detected, the post would be removed. In addition, the account on which the sharing was made would be suspended and disabled.

In the published report, between October 2020 and March 2021 TikTok‘Fame policy violation was done. According to the report, in coronavirus related to incorrect information determined to give Removed 651 videos. In addition, false medical information because it was published 222 videos more removed.

Videos of Australian senior officials are among the videos removed by TikTok. of TikTok for violating the policy among the removed videos; AstraZeneca vaccine of the Australian Navy 80%in the part of side effects why is it, australia Health Minister Greg Hunt’s illness linked to coronavirus vaccine There is a video in which he claims to be.

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