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TikTok’s New Stream Banned and Videos Deleted!

One of the most used social media platforms, Tiktok has millions of users. New trends are coming, both for existing users to be active and for new users to come. However, this time, the platform banned the challenge, which went viral. TikTok’s New Stream Banned and Videos Deleted!

TikTok’s New Stream Banned and Videos Deleted!

There are thousands of streams in the popular platform Tiktok. In addition, new trends are added to the platform every day. Finally, ‘milk crate challengeThe challenge themed jumping over milk crates called ‘ has gone viral. Other social media users have also adapted this trend for themselves. However, when you look at the videos taken, the end of the current does not end well.

It is known that people have been injured in the videos shared about the current in recent days. As in every movement, the number of people participating in this movement is increasing day by day. TikTok platform deleted the trending hashtag from its body to prevent this situation. Currently, users cannot access videos related to the subject.

TikTok on the deletion of dangerous videos TechCrunchHe made the following statements to: Tiktok prohibits content that encourages or glorifies dangerous actions. It also removes videos to discourage such content. Not limited to that, it redirects search results to the Community Guidelines page. We encourage everyone to be mindful of their actions, online or offline.

Your videos TikTokAlthough it was deleted from , there are people who recorded the video in the previous time. In the video below, it is seen that the video owner hit his arm on the marble. In this way, people can understand the danger of the current in question.

So what do you think about this issue? Also, are you using the TikTok platform? You can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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