ToDo.Txt is a text-based program to manage your Tasks

Organizing your tasks in a list can certainly increase your productivity and help you stay focused. Life today is so fast and hectic that we often forget some of our important chores, and using a good todo list program is a good idea. All of us have that few days when we have millions of things to do, and we end up doing nothing.

There are hundreds of such free To-Do software and applications available on the internet today, but most of them come with the intricate interface and useless feature to deal with. The ToDo list app should be very simple and quick. It should be something which quickly reminds you of the tasks to be done and make your day more organized and manageable. Today we will take a look at ToDo.Txt. This app stores your tasks in a simple text document and helps you organize your day-to-day tasks very well.

How to use ToDo.Txt to manage Tasks

Todo.txt is a text-based system which uses plain text format to save your tasks. This free application is available for almost every popular platform. You just need to download the version compatible with your device and start using it. No need to make an account, you can start making your list just right away. However, you need to login to sync it with your other accounts. You can use your Google account or Dropbox account to log in.

The best thing about this application is that you can sync your to-do lists with all your accounts and access it on any of your devices. Since it uses plain text format to save your list, you can open and edit it in any of your text editor available in your device. It is a very simple application to use. You just need to add your tasks like shopping lists, an appointment with a doctor, some meeting, etc.

Click on Add Task and start adding your list. You will get three options while adding the tasks- Priority, Context/Subject, and the Date. Your tasks will be prioritized alphabetically, for example, the task with (A) will appear on the top and (B) will be the next and so on. Context/Subject lets you select the context of your task, and the Date option will let you add the date and time for your tasks.

use Todo.Txt to manage Tasks

Using the Context, Projects, and Tags, however, is not mandatory but then it helps you segregating the tasks. If you want to search your tasks related to @Home, go to the Tag @Home, and you will find all your tasks there. Similarly, you can go to the tabs, Tags, Projects, and Contexts to get quick access to all your tasks. The program automatically cuts the tasks completed.

From the three dots on the right bottom corner, you can adjust the settings of your program, which include the Sync settings, Notification settings, and much more. You can adjust the notification settings for your pending/due tasks. Also, you can add new projects or delete the unwanted ones from here. You can sync all your to-do list using Google Drive and Dropbox with todo.txt.

Overall, this is a simple alternative to complicated To-do apps. It is simple and can be used cross-platform. You can download the application from here.

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