Top 10 iPad games 2022

If you want to try the best games iPadOS has to offer, you can check the best iPad games here. Every day in the App Store is the release day of some games. It’s such a large and busy app store that we can assume that’s true. Still, the list of new games and the list of best games to play on iPadOS are not the same. We try to highlight the best of innovations each month, but make no mistake, some games on this list will never change. They are so good that we guess they will be around for a while. Here are our picks for the best iPad games. These are the best App Store games for iPadOS, according to Metacritic ratings.

XCOM 2 Collection [89]

Recreating one of the best Triple-A games for mobile isn’t easy, but the folks at Feral Interactive got it right. Not only does it have the original game, but with all four DLC packs that come with it, it gives any gamer great value for money. This is an experience not to be missed for players who want to take on impossible odds to take down the aliens with a gorilla military might.

moonlighter [88]

ipad-game 2

Players must run a shop during the day and fight the next day in dungeons to sell goods at night. Although the game was originally released for PC and consoles, reviewers kept the game’s appeal in the iPadOS version. This game takes dungeon crawling to a fun new level with different visual designs that players will love.

If Found… [88]

ipad-game 3

If Found is part visual novel, part string game, and part story, it’ll stay put long after players have finished playing it. Annapurna Interactive has released many great mobile games like Florence in the past, but If Found takes that quality to a whole new level. Not only is this game made by marginalized creators, it also tells a bizarre tale of adulthood through sketchy illustrations and magazine pages. How do memories of a transgender woman intertwine with those of an astronaut from the future? Players will have to pick up this game to find out.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [88]

ipad-game 4

The game is considered one of the greatest of all time and is now playable for those with iPad with iPadOS. The game combines RPG elements with 2D side-scrolling as players race through Dracula’s castle to take down the famous bloodsucker. Players must collect the items they need to progress through the castle and take down several bosses, providing players with hours of entertainment.

Company of Heroes [86]

ipad-game 5

Company of Heroes was declared the best PC Game of the year by multiple outlets in 2006 and is now available for gamers on iPad. From the creators of Warhammer 40k, this real-time strategy game is specifically designed for World War II. It is one of the best for fans of World War II games. This is the most convenient way to play the game on a modern console and players should not miss the chance to try it out.

Slay the Spire [85]

ipad-game 6

When Slay the Spire was first released through the Humble Bundle, players were excited by its strange combination of rogue-like and card game features. The game has been nominated for multiple awards and there are still players who have found the best decks to date. The game offers several unique gameplay styles along with one-of-a-kind gameplay, so it’s definitely worth a try for anyone looking for something new.

South of the Circle [84]

ipad-game 7

For fans of story-driven games, South of the Circle is a treasure trove. This Firewatch-esque game tells the story of Peter, a stranded and lonely man after a plane crash in the Arctic. Peter’s memories of Clara, the woman he loves, keep him going until the lines between reality and dreams blur. The game is set during the war in 1964 during the Cold War, which provides a fascinating backdrop to this well-told story. It is not surprising that the game received such positive reviews.

Crying Suns [84]

ipad-game 8

This tactical roguelike found success on its Steam debut and is just as powerful as a game in its mobile form. Crying Suns features players controlling a fleet of spaceships in turn-based combat, with a story spanning six chapters. This sci-fi game is worth checking out for anyone who likes things like Battlestar Galactica, Foundation, or Dune. With over 300 possible story events, the game offers a lot of variety for anyone who chooses to play.

Genshin Impact [83]

ipad-game 9

Genshin Impact has swept the mobile gaming market like no other gatchapon game has before. Made nearly $400M in just two months, how many other games in the mobile market can do that? Similar to Breath of The Wild, this open world game is free to play so anyone can try it out. With such criticism, the game is likely to stay put for a long time.

HoloVista [83]

ipad-game 10

HoloVista is a game that shows the future of augmented reality games is bright. The game is played through the eyes of architect Carmen, who has a job interview that could change their lives. The player takes pictures of objects in a virtual environment, interacts with in-game social media and discovers the story of a wonderful living world. The game also has full accessibility settings making it available to completely new audiences. We won’t go into more to avoid spoilers, but let’s just say this is a game that should be on people’s radar.

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