Top 10 weapons in Payday 2

There are over a hundred weapons in Payday 2. For new players, this means an overwhelming number of options in each class. Fortunately, the game has been around for almost a decade, which has given players a lot of time to test the weapons. Each class has a few weapons that stand out above the others.

There are many things to consider when choosing a gun. These factors include damage, rate of fire, accuracy, stability, and mod potential. Players will feel unstoppable with these weapons, which have the best amount of them all in Payday 2.

1. Union 5.56

The Union 5.56 is widely considered the best assault rifle in Payday 2. Most of Union’s stats reflect the AK, except it has a much faster rate of fire. Union combines the rapid fire of Valkyria with the accuracy and stability of the AK5. If there’s one downside to the Union, it’s the basic magazine size of 30.

Still, the gun’s ultra-fast reload will make the small clip look unimportant. Players will also be able to get 9 ammo per box. Unfortunately, this is currently only a DLC weapon for PC. Console players can settle for AK5 or Valkyria instead.

2. Buzzsaw

Payday 2’s homage to the MG42 is the best DPS weapon in the game. From close range to mid-range, Buzzsaw can deal more damage per clip than any available weapon. The gun’s lightning-fast kill time is the result of a frantic 1,200 RPM fire rate combined with a base damage of 80. Accuracy and stability will lag behind the 90s even with mods.

Despite less than ideal accuracy and stability, the Buzzsaw’s large clip and rate of fire make it arguably the best LMG in the game.

3. Akimbo Krinkovs

These guns have all the advantages of the CR 508bs, but no downsides. Krinkovs have a better fire rate of 822 RPM and a more efficient scavenging rate. In any close range situation, players can count on Krinkovs. It’s also worth noting that the akimbo setup is one of the most user-friendly builds in the game. Just aim close to one target and the Krinkovs will do the rest.

4. Akimbo Goliaths

There are many useful shotguns in Payday 2. Since most shotguns have similar stats and uses, this list will only include the top picks, the Akimbo Goliaths. Grimms are also very good, but the accuracy of Goliaths puts them at the highest level.

Akimbo Goliaths have 84 base damage and a very good fire rate. When you combine these stats with mods with very high accuracy and stability, Goliaths are much more effective up close. These shotguns are basically flawless and excel in close range engagements.

5. AK5

Consistency is key in Payday 2, and the AK5 is one of the most reliable guns in the game. While it has a slow rate of fire, the AR’s damage, accuracy, and magazine size make the AK a premium choice. With attachments, people can achieve an accuracy of 100 and stability up to 90’s. Weapons with a slower rate of fire are less forgiving, but players won’t miss too many shots with the AK5.

Additionally, the stock 30 rounds will last much longer than with weapons like the Valkyria.

6. Akimbo Stryk 18c

These fully automatic pistols have the rate of fire and accuracy to wipe out armored enemies at close range. Like the Mark 10, the Stryk 18cs is a lot of fun to use due to its 900+ RPM fire rate. With the right skills, the rate of fire can exceed 1,300 RPM. Having a 40 base mag is also a great luxury. This large magazine is important when unloading thousands of rounds so quickly.

7. Mark 10

The Mark 10 or Mac 10 is a very good weapon to use in Payday 2. It has good base damage and a fire rate of 1,000 rounds per minute. Accuracy and stability can be upgraded enough with attachments to make this weapon a viable primary weapon in any mode. This SMG is very easy to hide and with Speed ​​Pull Magazine players can reload in a little over a second. With great stats overall, it’s one of the most enjoyable weapons to use.

8. KSP

While people will have to pay for KSP, it is much more versatile than the free KSP 58. The base stats between the two weapons are nearly identical, but the KSP 58’s base accuracy is slightly higher. On the other hand, KSP will reload faster. With so many mods available, a small decrease in accuracy is okay with the KSP. After players change it, the LMG will have better accuracy and reload time than the KSP 58.

9. Akimbo CR 508b

There are five different SMGs that dominate Payday 2, and the CR 508b is among them. With the Akimbo setup, these weapons deal 99+ damage with high accuracy. They can even kill Heavys with one hit! Weapons with attachments will also have high stability.

Unfortunately, a modest rate of fire limits the gun’s potential, and there are few SMGs with faster rate of fire and similar stats. Still, Akimbo CR scatters enemies.

10. Valkyria

Valkyria provides several notable benefits; it is silent by default and has the second fastest rate of fire of all assault rifles. Not only does it hide the position without attachments, it is also forgiving. Better accuracy can be achieved by installing several attachments. The only drawback of the gun is stability, which will suffer due to the fast rate of fire. Also, shooting down a Heavy SWAT with the gun will require two headshots.

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