Top 10 weapons in Valorant

Every weapon in the game has a utility and there is no outstanding weapon. In the end it boils down to game preference and playstyle. However, some weapons are more effective than others. Getting these weapons will significantly increase your chances of winning the game and you’ll have an easier time on the battlefield overall. Here are the best weapons to use in Valorant.


The assault rifle is arguably the most powerful weapon category in Valorant. The Phantom is one of the first two assault rifles in the game. It is a versatile weapon that can come in handy in any scenario.

It has a good magazine size and produces very little recoil. The Phantom has an incredible fire rate of 11 rounds/sec, which is enough to destroy any team. The only downside to the weapon is that its damage starts to drop after 15 meters.


Vandal has a higher damage potential than Phantom, but is less consistent overall. The gun is perfect for players who are confident in their skills and can take headshots regularly. The Vandal produces a noticeable kick when firing and is less accurate compared to the Phantom.

It also has a small magazine size and each bullet must be attached to its target for the weapon to be effective.


There isn’t much to say about this weapon, except that it’s the only one in the game that has the potential to fire one shot at anyone. Any bullet fired from the operator and hitting any player from the waist up will result in instant death.

Perfect for long-range engagements, or generally just for catching guarded enemies. But the operator is a sniper rifle, and not everyone can use it. It’s a hit-and-run weapon where every bullet counts.


Another weapon that is extremely cheap but carries great power. With an insane fire capacity of 13.2 rounds/second, Specter destroys anyone at close range. But it’s still an SMG and players need to fire multiple shots to eliminate the target.

You’ll need at least two headshots and one bodyshot to warrant a kill. The Specter is an essential weapon for budget gamers, and it certainly offers a lot for as little as 1600 Credits.


The silent killer has established itself as one of the best budget guns in the game. Coming at an extremely cheap price of 500 credits, Ghost is not only overpowered with pistol bullets, but it also comes out fairly well against big guns.

Ghost can take a single shot to the head of enemies if they don’t have a Shield, and takes two headshots if they have a Shield. The gun also has a large magazine size, making it an excellent choice for pistol rounds.


Another inexpensive alternative to assault rifles, the Bulldog is a good gun. Fires 9.5 rounds per second and deals 116 headshot damage at all ranges. With a slow rate of fire and no guaranteed headshots, the Bulldog is basically a lower version of the two leading assault rifles in the game.

It also has fewer rounds, 24 in the magazine and 94 in total. However, at its price point, the Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in the game.


While the gun is actually pretty good, it’s a pretty luxury gun at a price point of 3200 Credits. Although the gun is very powerful, most players tend to stick with assault rifles as they are cheaper.

The gun fires extremely fast at 15.6 rounds/second and fires from both heads to eliminate the target. Although it is a powerful weapon, buying Odin will definitely hurt a player’s overall economy. Assault rifles can give the same result as an Odin, although they have a lower rate of fire.


The Bucky is the only shotgun on the list, and rightfully so. He usually fires one shot at anyone within 15 meters, making him a powerhouse in close-range engagements. Bucky is also pretty cheap and great for early-round shootouts. Just buy a Bucky and hold a corner for some quick cheesy deaths.

Bucky is still a great weapon selection. It’s also great for stopping the sub-elo of competitive mode.


This incredibly powerful pistol can one-tap players up to 30 yards and is an essential weapon in higher elo economy rounds at just 800 Credits. Very similar to Desert Eagle in CS:GO, but unlike Dessert Eagle, Sheriff cannot fire a single shot at players after 30 meters, even after attaching a headshot.

The Sherrif also has good recoil, and new players will often struggle with this weapon. However, once mastered, the Sheriff can be a serious nuisance on the battlefield.


A cheaper alternative to the carrier, the Marshal is a great economy tour buy. It has many disadvantages and unlike Operator it does not give a one-time guarantee. Marshal is best suited for low-budget tours where other players use less powerful weapons.

You can tag opposing players once and your team can finish them off for some easy kills. Headshots from any distance guarantee an instant kill, so players who can consistently shoot well are better suited for the Marshal.

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