Top 5 Discounted Games from PlayStation Store in July

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PlayStation Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important parts of today’s understanding of entertainment, especially in these days we are looking for activities to spend quality time outside of our social life, but due to seasonal conditions, we have to stay at home from time to time, consoles, gaming PCs or tablets, games we play on the phone at these moments. it is a savior. There are many games that we play with our friends or alone, we have compiled them for you.

Resident Evil 3 (Remake) 85 TL

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Another amazing remake Resident Evil 2After the remake of , users search for one click above graphics , story , gameplay mechanics . Resident Evil 3 Remake In this process, which is the continuation of the story, the main character of our story, Jil Valentine with the most ruthless creature in the game nemesis It is a great production about our survival process and our process of defeating the monster named . If you are a gamer who likes horror games like me, this game is for you.

Resident Evil 7 BIOHAZARD ( 42 TL )

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Another extraordinary horror game, but this time it also contains psychological horror elements. Therefore, if you are a newbie to horror games, it is not a game that I can recommend. Our main character in the game Ethan Winters’ wife Mia a psychopath family Kidnapping of Mia by the Baker family our main character Ethan It is a production that deals with our introduction to the story and the terrible events that have happened to us as a result of communicating with him in various ways. if Resident Evil 8 If you want to play, to follow the series Resident Evil 7 I recommend starting with.

The Last Of Us Remastered (42 TL)

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All I can say about this series is every word. PlayStation A series that should not die without playing. The game has various awards in terms of scenario, gameplay mechanics, in-game behaviors of the characters and the details that we have experienced in the story. one hundred It is an amazing production that will be remembered even years later. Our main characters Ellie and Joel It is a movie-like play about our struggle to survive as a result of the disaster suffered by the universe we live in. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend buying it.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (43 TL)

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Tomb Raider is one of the productions that every console user has played at least once and is extremely impressed after playing it. But this time, next-generation graphics and gameplay mechanics are our character. Lara Croft While embarking on his first grave-looting expedition in the most dangerous corners of Siberia, he is exposed to all kinds of dangers and evils that will return from the brink of death, and this story appears as a long-term beautiful game.

Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection ( 72 TL )

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a magnificent Sony produced and voiced completely Turkish an incredible adventure. of the series 4 It contains all the games in this package. Sony it will allow you to have a good time for at least 1.5 – 2 months. Our character Nathan DrakeA magnificent adventure that deals with all the details that happened to him from his childhood to his youth, while it deals with the search for various treasures and finding them. PlayStation If you are the owner, do not pass without playing this game.

In this guide I have prepared for you, I have compiled the games that I have played and enjoyed, and all of these games have a free trial demo version, if you want to check the game graphics and mechanics before buying, I recommend you to try the demos first.

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