Trailmakers review

At Trailmakers you explore an open world in vehicles you build from Lego-like blocks. In the game you can make cars, planes, boats or a combination of them. The physics of the game encourages players to creatively combine propulsion, buoyancy, wheels, grippers and magnets to create machines that can reach the farthest reaches of the earth and collect more building materials.

Trailmakers review

Take your machines to exciting rally races, dangerous exploration missions or build the craziest mechs imaginable in our huge sandbox. It simplifies engineering, but still feeds engineering thinking. Each block has unique characteristics such as shape, weight and functionality. They can be broken, refitted, and used to build something new. The individual blocks are pretty simple, but when put together the possibilities are endless.

Trailmakers may seem like it’s more suited to the slightly younger ones, but I’ve admittedly had a confusing and relaxing time with it. For dedicated builders, developers host weekly construction competitions for advanced construction techniques. Seemingly inspired by Lego, Trailmakers puts you in the space boots of a cute little alien who crashed into a garbage freighter on a desolate planet.

You collect garbage, with every piece you deliver, you’ll unlock new pieces that you can use to custom build all kinds of vehicles. Your custom-built vehicles will allow you to dive, drive, and jet around the sandbox map by collecting more and more parts, allowing you to build increasingly advanced vehicles.

Trailmakers gameplay

TrailMakers is a game where you build vehicles and explore the planet. There are 5 modes: Stranded in Space, TrailMakers Rally, Sandbox, Danger Zone, and Race Island. There is multiplayer and there are many people playing multiplayer. Some games you can continue if you want, but others require a password.

In Stranded in space mode, you make an emergency landing on an alien island and need to build a spaceship to get back home. It seems you were carrying cargo and your ship had everything you needed, but everything on your spaceship was scattered around the planet. Not only do you have to build a spaceship, you also start with a plan for a vehicle that can help you retrieve cargo. You can also add things to the tool to make it easier to do what you want to do.

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In TrailMakers Rally, you race against other players (or bots if you like that kind of thing) in a rally, and of course you have to build your car too. You have some materials so you can make good cars. You have to be the first to reach the finish line (as you basically need this in any race) and if you are, you’ll make a good amount of money. Unfortunately, you have to pay to move on to the next race.

Race Island is a mod where you build fast cars and play around them. If you join someone else’s game, you can race with them and see who can make the best car. There are lots of trails and a few mini-games, and they’re all fun to get in and play with.

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The Danger Zone is where you build and test combat-ready vehicles. There is an arena where you can fight other players and there are some obstacle courses. I think it’s a lot of fun to get into someone else’s Danger zone game and invite them to battle. When your car blows up, you jump out of your seat (unless you have a special seat that doesn’t) and you need to fix your car.

Sandbox mode is a mode where you can do whatever you want and have the ability to fly, so you don’t have to take your vehicle everywhere. There are lots of mini-games and obstacles to go through and lots of ramps to jump on.

Trailmakers sound and graphics

TrailMakers’ music is good, but it fits the game really well. Controls are good and changeable. The graphics are pretty good, but there is tearing (unless you have vsync turned on). I didn’t experience any crashes, but you can definitely run into minor bugs.

There is no profanity or bad language in the game itself, but online people swear at times. There’s no way to filter this out, and that’s a problem considering this game is supposed to be pretty family friendly. You can destroy other people’s vehicles, but the players themselves cannot die, so it’s not such a big deal. Other than that, TrailMakers is pretty good morally.

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TrailMakers is a lot of fun and time consuming and very family friendly. I think the only thing it can do to make Flashbulb more family friendly is to add a chat filter. Other than that, it’s very nice and fun.

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