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gmail Transfer Contacts to iPhone. How to transfer contacts? Cell phones that we use in our daily lives have become almost indispensable. With the widespread use of Android smartphones, developments have occurred in many areas. Applications used with smartphones, social media accounts, games and many similar networks interacted. Android phones have been appreciated by many users in terms of features and usage. But with the developing technology, phone brands and operating systems have also changed.

IPHONE series, which is the trend of recent times, attracted a lot of attention. iOS devices were released shortly after they went into production. Thanks to the users who are passionate about the phone, it reached a wide audience in a very short time.

The operating systems, features, and visuals of the devices are one of the features that attract attention at first glance. However, although it may be difficult to use iOS at first, it turns out to be quite easy over time.

However, the interest of the user mass in recent iOS devices is not to be ignored. One of the biggest fears of IPHONE users or people who will just start using it was the worry of losing their guide.

Ios aimed to give good news to its users in this regard, and it succeeded. If you have bought a new iPhone and you are thinking about how to transfer my guide, this article will be very useful for you.

11858 technical support

There are multiple applications used to transfer the directory to our iOS device. However, sometimes we prefer to look for more reliable ways than using unknown applications.

This reliable method will be our g-mail account. However, for this method, let us convey that you must be storing your phone book in your Google account when using Android.

There is not much reason to store otherwise. The most practical and easiest contact transfer is to add an EMAIL to a new device.

For IOS device, there are few simple steps you need to do. These are listed in order in the text below.

The first thing to do is to add our Gmail account to iOS.

But for this process, enter the settings menu on your phone.

Immediately after, you must enter your Android account into the system under the heading of mail, contacts and calendar.

From the screen that opens, you can select the items you want to synchronize.

However, it will be sufficient to enable the gmail contacts option for your Gmail contacts.

11858 technical support

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