Troubleshooting Huawei mobile network

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Huawei if you are a smartphone user and SHIMMER If you have problems with card identification. You cannot receive or make calls, if you cannot use a 4G network. If you are experiencing any of these network or signal issues, have a look at our troubleshooting steps below to fix them.

We have compiled some of the common problems with Huawei phones for you. You can get detailed information about your general problems from our article below.

It means that the card slot of your phone does not recognize the Sim card you have inserted. Please try the following:

– Clean the dirt from the surface of your SIM card and restart your phone.

– Please always use standard Sim cards and do not try to cut them by yourself, as it may cause poor connection due to non-standard shapes.

– SIM cards can be damaged by frequently removing them and using them in humid or strong magnetic environments. Check if your SIM Card is damaged by testing it in another device. If it doesn’t work on the other device as well, please replace your SIM card at your carrier’s retail store.

If your SIM card can be recognized on another phone, the problem may be with your device. In this case, please backup your data. Check your device’s connection settings.

An unstable phone signal can be caused by metal or magnetic material interruptions or indoor environments.

If you have an unstable signal, please try the following:

– Remove any magnetic holders, magnetic or metal cases you may be using for your phone.

– If you are inside a building with a weak signal, please go outside or move until you find a better signal.

11858 technical support

No 4.5G signal

The 4G signal may be disabled or lost under certain conditions. If you can’t find the 4G signal, please refer to the steps below. Huawei sim card problems.

– Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel, Settings It will be enough to press and hold the Mobile Data icon to enter the interface and turn on 4G.

– Restart your phone or Aeroplane toggle mode and enable 4G again. If other phones using the same operator in the same area have similar issues, it probably means that the local 4G network signal is often weak and unstable.

If the problem persists, please try the following methods:

reset huawei apn settings

– Control APN Check and reset its settings Open Settings and type APN in search bar > Tap Access point names (APN) to enter mobile data interface > Select access point names (APN) > tap on top right corner > reset to default.

– To Reset Network Settings If APN reset did not work, try resetting your network settings. To do this open Settings > search bar Network settings Type reset > tap Reset network settings.

11858 technical support

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