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Turkish Subtitle Support Coming from Twitter!

The popular social media platform Twitter made a new announcement on Thursday. In its announcement, it announced that it added subtitle support to Audio Tweets. However, currently supported languages ​​are limited. Turkish Subtitle Support Coming from Twitter!

Turkish Subtitle Support Coming from Twitter!

Social media giant Twitter made an announcement on Thursday. In the announcement in question, Twitter announced that it is now bringing caption support for audio Tweets. As you know, the platform was first June 2020He launched the voice Tweet feature in . But when it first came out, it was criticized by few users for not having subtitles.

iOS users can see captions when they share an audio Tweet. However, a limited number of languages ​​are currently supported. In Voice Tweets supported languages in that; The EnglishJapanese, SpanishPortuguese, TurkishArabic, Hindifrench, IndonesianKorean and Italian. In addition, subtitles are automatically created in supported languages. Users can click or tap the CC icon in the upper-right corner of the Tweet window to see the captions in the audio tweet. However, captions will only appear on Voice Tweets posted after the update.

It is also known that when the Voice Tweets feature was launched, Twitter did not have a dedicated team for accessibility. Instead, for employees to add accessibility features voluntarily they were supposed to be. However, the company resolved this situation, September Announcing that it has formed teams to focus on accessibility since May.

twitter‘s head of global accessibility Gurpreet Kaur “As part of our ongoing work to make Twitter accessible to everyone, we are introducing automatic captions for tweets with audio to iOS. “While it’s still early and we know it won’t be perfect at first, it’s one of many steps we’re taking to expand and strengthen accessibility across our service, and we look forward to continuing our journey to create a truly inclusive service.”

So what do you think about this new feature? Do you use the Twitter platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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