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Twitch Controversial Feature! Unsubscribe…

Known by the whole world, Twitch is a platform that allows people to broadcast, watch other users and earn income. In addition, it has recently come to the fore with a lot of money laundering crimes. Twitch data was leaked by hackers, and this got a lot of backlash. Twitch Controversial Feature!

The feature that the popular platform has recently acquired has been the subject of discussion by the publishers. There are those who find the feature useful, and those who think it’s a bad idea. Details about that feature that is causing trouble among publishers…

Twitch controversial feature

Losing subscribers in Twitch, as in every platform, is a very troublesome situation. Twitch has now developed a new feature to reduce this situation. In this new and controversial feature, users will be able to state a reason if they stop subscribing to a publisher. Publishers will be able to see the stated reason.

The popular platform announced the purpose of taking this step. There is information that the feature has been activated so that publishers can learn about their mistakes and deficiencies and solve this problem. Many publishers have both positive and negative statements on this subject.

Others criticized the platform for not wanting to receive bad feedback. They also think that most subscribers will unsubscribe due to financial reasons, so they think it will not do them any good. Publishers, “Channel AnalysisThey can anonymously see the reasons for unsubscribing from the “” option.

What do you guys think about this feature added by Twitch? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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