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Twitch Now Has SharePlay Feature!

The popular live broadcasting platform Twitch has come with new news. The platform has launched SharePlay support for iPhone and iPad users. Twitch Now Has SharePlay Feature!

Twitch Now Has SharePlay Feature!

Twitch, one of the most used live streaming platforms, is quite popular. The platform, which wants to keep this popularity, continues to improve itself. The platform is now also to bring viewers closer to each other. SharePlay started support. Now iPhone and iPad users, with a maximum of 32 people FaceTime While making a call, you can watch the same broadcast. However, there is a requirement that everyone in the call log in to Twitch.

TOAccording to ngadget’s report, Twitch’s website SharePlay section is added. However, to use this new feature, participants must initiate a “FaceTime” call with each other. Next, FaceTimeā€Œ will ask if the lead person wants to play the stream for everyone on the call. After the approval of the lead person, the stream will start on everyone’s device at the same time.

Also, all of the participants Twitch you need to install the application. Additionally, they need to log in to the platform. Attendees will be kept in sync at the same point in the stream. All users can play or pause content for everyone in the conversation. Also, anyone who wants can change the channel by going to another channel.

In addition, during the SharePlay Twitch stream, all users can chat, follow, subscribe to Bits from their separate accounts. However, this feature is currently only iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 Applies to devices. There is no integration available for the Twitch Apple TV app yet.

So what do you think about this new feature? You can also express your thoughts by commenting below.

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