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Twitch Streamers Receiving the Most Donations in 2021 Announced!

Twitch, the broadcasting platform that has been on the agenda many times this year, has come up with a new list. The publishers who received the most donations on the platform were announced. Twitch Streamers Receiving the Most Donations in 2021 Announced!

Twitch Streamers Receiving the Most Donations in 2021 Announced!

Twitch, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to broadcasting platform, is very popular. Finally, the platform has been removed from our country with the claim that the donation system is over “bit”. 10 million dollars from approximately 2,400 publishers He was involved in a money laundering scandal. Later, Deputy Minister of Interior and Ministry Spokesperson İsmail Çataklı stated that the investigation regarding the issue had started.

The environment on the platform is still mixed. But many publishers continue to broadcast. In addition, the publishers who received the most donations in the current year were announced. According to the list prepared by Oyunforpay, which established to support publishers Pqueen, Elraenn, Miafitz and Jahrein Names such as

In addition, the publishers that receive the most donations are divided into two different categories, women and men. Pqueen in the women’s category and Elraen in the men’s category are at the top of the list. In addition, according to the data announced by, there is an increase in the number of women playing games. While women made 18% of their game purchases in 2019, this rate increased to 30% in 2020 and 33% in 2021.

Most Donated Female Publishers in 2021

  1. Büşra Pelin BAYNAZOĞLU (Pquenn)
  2. Gözde DEMİRAL (Miafitz)
  3. İrem SAKMAR (ClumsyKitty)
  4. Anna Deniz ŞAYLAN (annadeniz)
  5. September ADIGÜZEL (September)
  6. Elanur PAT (elanur)
  7. Cansu ÖKTEM (AyuHere)
  8. Beril SERGUN (BerylVenus)
  9. Duygu KÖSEOĞLU (dkoseoglu)
  10. Merve Burcu DURAK (targetlocated)

Most Donated Male Publishers in 2021

  1. Tugkan GÖNÜLTAŞ (Elraenn)
  2. Ahmet SONUC (Jahrein)
  3. Ataberk Dogan
  4. Kemal Can PARLAK (Self Musician)
  5. Baris CAN (Baris G.)
  6. Ferit KARAKAYA (wtcN)
  7. Cantug Ozsoy (Unlost)
  8. Mustafa YAVUZ (hazretiyasuo)
  9. Cem KARAKOC (Mithrain)

So what do you think about this list? Also, are you using the Twitch platform? You can share your ideas with us and other readers by commenting below.

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